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I’m a marketer. We craft narratives about the businesses we represent, and we build our own reputations and personal brands to shape our own story.

I’m also a husband, a dog dad, a son, a brother, and a Buffalonian. At home and out in the world, we leave an impact on our families and our communities, and those experiences are also part of our life’s story.

Writing has helped me take my career to places I never thought possible. Writing has also become the easiest way to get my thoughts out of my head to see them for what they are — without all the clutter of my inner voice. And what I’ve learned through it all is that writing is the plainest way to pass along what we’ve learned, in the hope it resonates with others.

So this newsletter is a collection of my experiences, my thoughts, and my dreams. I hope it inspires you to think about the stories you write and share in your own lives.

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Joe Ray
Content marketing and social media professional in Buffalo. This space is going to be a bit of a blank canvas though. Go Bills.